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Miri was the most amazing doula we could have hoped for, providing physical, mental and emotional support before, during and after our wonderful home water birth. We saw a few doulas but when we met Miri there was no doubt that she was who we wanted. Her knowledge and experience combined with her passion for supporting and empowering women meant that she was a crucial part of our daughters birth and someone who will always be a part of our lives. Truly, thank you Miri. Kelly & David

Me & my family come to this country 5 months ago. Miri for us it’s like a fairy she is amazing. After having 2 difficult deliveries, for my third baby I knew that I need help and Miri was more that I can ever imagine. We deliver without epidural in a new country and for me & my husband was beautiful and magic and it was just because we have our Miri. Deby & Benny 

"Miri is a wonderful doula and incredibly warm and caring person. I was so lucky to have her support before, during and after our home birth, she helped me every step of the way to prepare for and have the birth I wanted, and I can’t recommend her highly enough." P & D 

"Miri came to our flat and taught us the Wise Hippo programme in one-to-one sessions. I was initially in two minds about booking the Wise Hippo course - anxious that it wouldn't help/would have a strong anti-intervention/pain relief message, but in fact the course was really good and Miri is exceptional! 

Miri is everything you could want from someone for this sort of thing - extremely warm and kind, super knowledgeable, entirely non-judgemental and highly responsive by email and Whatsapp. She obviously genuinely cares about her clients and her work - having her around felt like we'd acquired a new supportive relative, with the added bonus that they knew all about birth, labour and pregnancy. 

We liked Miri so much that after one session we decided we wanted her to attend our birth as a doula as well. Unfortunately due to circumstances on our end that wasn't possible on the day, but Miri still provided really helpful advice and support over the phone. This was indicative of her approach throughout - always available, always going over and above what would be expected. 

Doing the course with Miri really helped reduce the anxiety I felt in the last couple of months of pregnancy and also helped us to manage various complications (gestational diabetes, early induction) in a more informed and confident way. Particularly when I was feeling bullied/pressured by the medical team, Miri's support was invaluable. We could not recommend her highly enough. " K & R

"Miri has been both our hypnobirthing tutor & doula. Words that better describe our experience are; compassionate, knowledgeable, reliable & instinctive. Miri always seemed to know how & when to give support, especially when times were hard & our journey to meet or son didn't always go as planned. Her hypnobirthing classes gave us the tools we needed to remain positive in difficult moments. Even though we didn't get the natural home birth we wanted due to complications, her presence as our doula empowered us to ask questions & reach decisions about the birth of our son that we feel happy & content with. Hiring Miri was the best first decision we made as parents x" Karina 

"I have been gathering my thoughts for this long-overdue review for 9 months now... so I suppose there's a bit of truth to the adage that babies keep one's hands full after all ;). (In the best possible way though, I promise). Writing this with the clarity of distance, though, I can confidently say that choosing Miri to support me in my birth journey was without question the most valuable decision I made regarding my daughter's birth. Miri is a profoundly gifted doula, a patient teacher, an unwavering protector, an astute and instinctive supporter, a gentle and comforting nurturer, and an amazingly inspiring woman. Truly though, to try and sum her up in a compact list like this does a great disservice to Miri's character, because it is the depth and variation of her brilliantly multifaceted disposition that make her the unparalleled gift that she truly is in the delivery room and beyond.

Nine months after finding myself at the receiving end of her many skills, I'm still counting my lucky stars that our paths initially crossed, allowing me the benefit of having had her in my corner for the most precious achievement of my life, and she will forever hold a special place in both my and my husband's hearts. " Jamie 

"Miri was excellent during my birth and after almost two days in labour she helped me birth my girl naturally. Miri was there for me & my husband all the way through from holding me in the loo to giving me water & food to having a sick bowl always on the ready! We can't thank you enough Miri. It was also very useful to have you navigating all the medical staff and telling us what was going on all the way through! We would never have picked up on the things you did! Thank you once again! Lots of love, Mala, Adrian & Mia xx"

"As a French couple in UK we had no family to help us for the birth of my second son and that's why we asked Miri to be our doula. Best decision ever!
Miri has been a tremendous help! Always here for us but not intrusive at all. She really listened to us in the sessions we had before the birth and she answered all our questions.
The day of the birth she was an amazing support to my partner and myself. And after that she helped a lot with the breast feeding.
Miri is a wonderful doula and I can't express with words how grateful I am."  Jason

" Miri was my doula 4.5 month ago. She was amazing all along the way. I would tell you all about it, but it will be a long story. I can say only that: if you wish to have a natural birth the way you always imagined it you have come to the right place." Adva

"Miri is just amazing, she helped me and my family so much for the birth of my daughter Virginia! She was very professional and supportive, especially when I got  distressed because the baby was overdue. Miri also helped me in establishing breastfeeding, so I could happily breastfeed Virginia without difficulties. I wouldn't hesitate a moment to recommend her to any mum or mum to be who wishes to have the best help and support in one of the most important moment of our lives."  Rita 


"We are so pleased we decided to have a Doula and such a great one at that.  Miri’s calm, encouraging presence made such a difference and meant that we had an incredibly positive experience both of labouring at home and of delivering in hospital (where she acted as a strong advocate and clearly had the trust of the staff).  Her reminders to me about what we had learned in hyponobirthing about breathing kept my attention where it needed to be, and I know that my husband felt her presence and the continuity of her care incredibly reassuring. She was also brilliant after the birth when I had great difficulties breast feeding, offering practical help, warmth and care. We cannot recommend Miri highly enough! " Rachel

'Miri supported me with my newborn baby girl.  Miri was wonderful to have around, so loving with my baby and great with advice.  It was great to have a rest knowing that Miri was looking after my baby whilst she didn't need a feed.  Miri also helped with changing the bed clothes - my least favourite job.  I would definitely recommend having Miri as post natal doula.' Sylvia 

'After hearing about the type the labour my mother had with me I decided (at 32 weeks) to attend a hypno-birthing course. After some general research I found what I was looking for - a one on one session with a hypno-birthing Doula in the form of Miri. My husband and I found Miri to be a very warm and caring person, she answered all of our questions (no matter how silly) and put us both at ease immediately. I feel that Miri genuinely cares about the women that she is enlisted to support, in our last session she told me that I could call her whenever I needed for advice and this included when I went into labour. It was a wonderful feeling to know I had her support when treading into the unknown. As our sessions fell just as we were about to move house/ area I asked Miri if I could condense our classes down from 4 into 3. Miri explained that this would not be possible as I would miss out on lots of valuable information, instead she went out of her way to find me another hypno-birth trainer so I could have my final session in Surrey and wouldn't miss out. I was very glad that I made the decision to learn about hypo-birthing and I was  lucky to be taught by such a great teacher.'  Nicola

'Miri was a wonderful source of comfort, knowledge and serenity. We had a smooth postpartum transition because her approach combined initiatives based on her experience and efforts to give us freedom. This gave us a platform to explore what kind of parents we want to be in a peaceful environment.' Ambika 

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