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Closing The Bones
Closing the bones Doula Cambridge, Royston, Hitchin

Closing the Bones ceremony is a postnatal ritual. It is a tradition that has been passed down through generations of birthing mothers, originating in Ecuador.

It is a beautiful, peaceful way of honouring the birthing body, the birthing soul, the birthing bones.  

 It’s a way of supporting woman’s recovery after growing a baby and childbirth and acknowledging the exceptional journey to motherhood with massaging, wrapping and blessing.

Closing the bones is a wonderful, gentle abdominal massage that will restore energy levels to the birthing body. It will ‘close‘ you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

During the ceremony you will enjoy moments of stillness, of serenity, of rest. It’s a way of taking some time out from the busy day as a mother. Some time for yourself to heal and reflect.







Each massage will take place in your home and lasts about 90 minutes, including set up.

The fee for the ceremony is £70 (+travel expenses for a radius over 9miles). 

Doula in Hertfordshire. Closing the bones, Bedford, Stevenage
Doula in Cambridge. Closing the bones, Stevenage, Baldock
Doula in Cambridge. Closing the bones

“Thank you so much for the lovely ceremony. It was lovely to have you there and the experience was very special. I drew a lot of strengths from it and it’s making me cry, in a good way…” 

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